PostHeaderIcon Cluj-Napoca Botanical Garden

A must see place for relaxing and recreation while visiting Cluj-Napoca is the Botanical Garden. The garden is placed on the southern part of the city covering a 14 hectares land of various geological configurations with over 10.000 plants around the world. It was founded in 1920 by the academic Alexandru Borza.

The biggest attractions of the Botanical Garden are:

- the Japanese Garden build with specific landscape elements: a brook and a house in the Japanese style. Read the rest of this article »

PostHeaderIcon The Heart of Transylvania: Cluj-Napoca

One of the most important academic, cultural, business and industrial centers in Romania is Cluj-Napoca (or simply Cluj) which is located in the central part of Transylvania. It is the second largest city in Romania, after the capital Bucharest.

Cluj-Napoca is an important cultural center having many museums such as: the National Museum of Transylvanian History, the Ethnographic Museum, the Museum of Mineralogy, the Cluj-Napoca Art Museum, the Museum of Speleology, the Zoological Museum and the Botanical Museum, theaters, as well as a number of landmark buildings and monuments. Besides the cultural part, the city has a number of parks, the most notable being the Central ParkRead the rest of this article »

PostHeaderIcon Playa del Carmen new attractions

Portal Maya 2012

As the Mayan predicted the beginning of a new era starting 21 December 2012, a new sculpture was raised on the city’s main beach near the Cozumel ferry dock.

The sculpture is made of bronze and has a total height of 16 meters. It symbolize a Mayan gateway of a man pushed by a spiral of wind and a woman pushed by a spiral of water which are joining their hands at the top of the arch.  Read the rest of this article »

PostHeaderIcon Kabah Park Cancun

One of the most visited destinations in the Caribbean, Cancun, has everything to offer: luxury resorts, gorgeous beaches, amazing nightlife, ruins and green oasis.

Whether you like to run, walk or just enjoy the nature, Kabah Park (Spanish: Parque Kabah) offers a great escape from the big city. It is situated in downtown Cancun, on Nichupte Avenue across Costco. The park is open daily and the entrance is free as well as the parking area.   Read the rest of this article »

PostHeaderIcon El Rey Ruins Cancun

Besides the beautiful beaches, grand hotels and amazing night life, Cancun has also an archaeological site named El Rey. Unlike Tulum archaeological site, the ruins from Cancun are not that impressive but worth visiting if you don’t want to dedicate a day of your vacation to visit ruins.  Read the rest of this article »

PostHeaderIcon Chrysler Building, NY

Another unique skyscraper in New York City, located at the intersection of 42nd Street and Lexington Avenue, is the Chrysler Building. The 77 floors building has 319 m height and was for almost an year the world’s tallest building before Empire State Building was erected. The building is easily recognized for its terraced crown and decorations.  Read the rest of this article »

PostHeaderIcon Flatiron Building, NY

Another icon of New York City is the Flatiron Building, popular for it’s unique triangular shape. As you can guess it was called this way because of it’s shape of an old style iron.

The Flatiron Building is located at 175 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and sits on a triangular island-block delimited by Fifth Avenue, Broadway, East 22nd Street and East 23rd Street. Read the rest of this article »

PostHeaderIcon Top of the Rock view

A trip to New York should definitely include a visit on top of one of the 10 tallest buildings in the city (850 feet). The observation deck also named “Top of the Rock” offers spectacular panoramic views of New York including several of the biggest attractions: Empire State Building and Central Park.

Read the rest of this article »

PostHeaderIcon Empire State Building

The Empire State Building, also known as the world’s most famous office building (1,454 ft high), is a New York City landmark which is visited by millions of people each year. One interesting fact to know is that the Empire State Building makes more money from tickets sales for its observation decks than it does from renting the office spaces :)

Empire State Building is probably the best known building from New York being featured in many movies. Currently it is the third-tallest skyscraper in the United States. The building has 73 elevators and was constructed in only 1 year. Read the rest of this article »

PostHeaderIcon Know The Advantage Of Trains When You Travel

In the late 19th century, rail transport was the most common means of transport but road and air transport are now overtaking it. However, trains have some definite advantages over flying or driving an automobile. It is therefore imperative to consider the following before booking an air ticket or renting a car.

Train travel enables one to have great views. You are able to see the quaint and picturesque countryside, the colorful cities and the lush-green hills as you seam, meander and steam through them. This is impossible to do when flying 30,000 feet high or when driving a car. Additionally, it is not affected by many security issues like air travel. You will not have to submit to intensive screening of goods or wait in the long security lines. Read the rest of this article »